August 27, 2008


Sometimes I like to look back to where I have been and map the progress of change and the bouts I have fought in the arena of life. I believe that this process is how we evolve as people and how the unexplained becomes explained. No matter what life has dealt us; if we are still here, we’ve prevailed.

By Charles Sapp II

The Sun’s tidal forces take over my body.

The Heavens and Earth hold dominion of my physical self.

My internal being shivers with recognition of loneliness and captivity,

until the awareness unthaws and breaks free from the molding of confinement.

The adventures of a new frontier await me,

as the sound of distant discoveries beckon my desires to investigate.

Eyes wide open in the dark,

scanning surfaces to detect a glimmer of hope, resting with inertia.

The strength of change,

emotionally transforms the human landscape as seasons approach,

where destiny reroutes its destination as we confirm truth from ideology.

My soul basks in nature’s light,

to absorb the current condition of existence

as it rains down with flash floods of awareness

where the weight of the world rests upon me.

At night the Moon consoles me;

she spotlights the key elements that make us dream

and leave the insignificant hidden in the dark.

The process leaves an open wound

and the reparation of mankind is symbolic to the healing.

I dive head first into the abyss of my body,

swimming deep to revive my drowned soul of the past

by breathing new hope and restoration of faith

into a body that has been beaten, bruised and cut by life.

My outer shell has toughened as my inner self has grown stronger.

Reality is what you make of it

and I realize that I am a hero to myself.

August 25, 2008

Sunrise and Sunset

I write this poem as I remember the passing of my mother exactly 5 years ago from yesterday. She played an integral part of my social awareness and sensitivity. My mother raised 3 wonderful children and even though she may not physically be here with us, but her spirit remains ever-present.

By Charles Sapp II

The Sun rises and sets early,

this day I especially remember you.

The horizon is visible because of you.

You have been the closest I’ve been to God.

From you I came to be,

and now without you, a piece remains within me.

The love you gave to me shall never cease and expire.

Your early departure has never shorted your wisdom shared.

The seeds sowed have grown to mature trees and a sapling that bears creative fruit.

Your passion thrives

as it courses through our veins.

Your material form may be no longer,

but the manifestation of you can be seen throughout all that is beautiful

and is reflected by the watchful eye of the moon at night.

You are my heavenly mother,

secured throughout eternity,

within memory we shall never forget you.

August 22, 2008

Birth of a New Season

Exactly one month from this day a new season will be among us and I feel that it is appropriate to write about the transition into a new season.

By Charles Sapp II

As the summer solstice of the sun shifts towards the vernal equinox;

the flood gates open and give way to the marine layer

that creeps along the coastal landscape;

a precursor to the shortening of the day’s light.

Above the land, birds catch drift to the winds current and migratory breeds

fly in formation, under a cadence of supreme innovation,

using celestial navigation and clouds as rest stops.

Atmospheric metamorphosis dually dependent

to the Earth’s axis and solar distance.

The sky inhales and we exhale, we breathe in unison.

Rainfall smelled from the distance

as the chatter from the trees can be heard awaiting the

gift from the heavens.

Meteoric showers spark the night sky

and constellations shift in parallax,

the observers of time and space

witnessing the birth of a new season.

August 20, 2008

1VERSE- The Book

I have sporadically posted new writings upon returning from Beijing, China to only find myself immersed into a new project.

I have been working extensively to put out a collection of poems that span across the great reaches of time and space. This project is painstakingly difficult with the various revisions and formatting that will seamlessly transition from one thought process to the next.

The journey is a make-up of the variables that define life experiences and is told from the perspective of a young man finding his voice and speaking the words into existence; the Alpha & Omega from Genesis to Revelations. This collection is over 10 years in the making and all written under one breath and written aloud.

I write this post to apologize and to explain the seemingly lack of dedication, but please be prepared as the final print is scheduled for release by the holidays. I will provide updates as the date nears! I wish my faithful readers anticipate its arrival as much as I do. Thank you all for your patronage and support.

August 18, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Windows permit the flood of sunlight in,

metaphoric to the properties of truth;

the solar warmth retreats the night’s cold

to vaporous descent following the shadows oblivion

when facing the heart of pure energy.

The windows to the soul; the eyes,

discovers the harmony within.

The panoramic view of the night sky,

reveals the window to the heaven’s and the skyscape of limitless dreams.

I wish to find you there,

peering through the looking glass of my nascent beginnings;

Naïve from sheltered barriers that life restricts

rather it is the vehicle of my body or the confines of my fragile existence.

Parturient to a new found belief,

I whispered to your heart,

while the latent warmth quickly escaped from your body;

the departure towards your eternal life,

you spoke directly to me

using the language of my atmospheric passion;

the voice of thunder, exclaimed with bolts of lightning;

I experienced the passing of energy

while I viewed and listened through open windows.

August 13, 2008

A Poet

Langston Hughes
Painting by Artist Winold Reiss, National Portrait Gallery

By Charles Sapp II

A poet,

inspired by the ebb and flow of life and their interaction upon mankind.

A poet,

who composes to release the collective energy upon those that are receptive

and transforms this energy into positive arrangements of love and passion.

A poet,

that has the responsibility to expose the nakedness of truth

with mere words spoken into existence

and obligated to extract the essence of beauty even from the ugliest face of nature.

A poet,

that dreams when awake and is awake when dreaming.

The writer and lover,

sees vivid patterns; to persuade the future.

A poet,

closes their eyes and visions the opening of the world’s mind.

A poet is the conduit of perspective and awareness,

behold the here and now, await the future.

August 11, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Those truant to the encompassing magnitude of tribunal gatherings,

where the world has spoken in unison.

As the perilous planet pirouettes through space,

beings cling to her surface with heads bowed with prayers of mercy.

The future has come,

what was told has been said;

what was written has been read.

Time’s translucent dictation of the past

and reoccurring present, will heed no more warnings.

The Earth has crumbled under the sheer weight of burden,

and trees have walked away with their roots.

The untamed wind hunts stealth with savage fierceness

and the tumultuous seas trespass the shore’s boundaries

in pursuit for vindication from unlawful treason.

The soil that has given birth to nameless children,

must now identify their selves.

The watchful eye of the Sun will now look away

as the Moon marks shame to the naked walkers of the night.

The planet will claim its independence as it existed before.

The world has spoken,

we have not listened,

evolution is in progress;

the delay is negligent

and time will not wait.

August 5, 2008

Love Offering

Picture taken on 8/2/08 Reservation Beach, Marina CA.

This is my hundredth post and I wanted to commemorate it with the parallel loves of my life which is my soon to be wife and my writing. My two loves have transcended my expression and experience, during the darkest moments in my life and allowed me to see the full picture; the purity of simplicity and the beauty of entirety which encompasses all with the grace of love.

By Charles Sapp II

I’ve solidified the rain and summoned the Sun’s presence,

showcasing the crystalline beauty of diamonds falling from the sky.

I’ve presented this offering of love

to the one that I love.

She teleported herself through the ether of dreams from the future,

six years of riding on memory’s back,

she made her way to my heart.

Full and complete she filled my mind with strength and will.

The ambient foreshadow of reunited energies,

coalesced into a fire to never become extinguished.

She delivered me Red-Hots in a heart bag, with the scent of Pearberry lotion

so I may never forget her scent.

My love plot thickens,

as I envision us walking the opalescent sands of distant destinations

to wed our fate and cherish humble beginnings

as our lives have transformed and journeyed thus far.

She is the enlightenment I’ve sought for,

her presence makes my soul complete.

Destiny watches with magnificence and pride,

as it resurrected something beautiful from an ugly past.

Receptive to her love,

I deliver her my trust and respect,

I bow to her grace and look deep into her eyes

and allow my soul to speak

as it recites my pledge, my testament, and my verse

throughout eternity’s lifetime.

August 4, 2008

Spirit Child

By Charles Sapp II

The spirit child

separating truth and wisdom with the sleight of tongue.

With the familiarity of attractive forces,

vaporous verses spewed from the lips of a hungry mouth,

summoning the creation of imagination with ghostly appearances.

In pursuit for love inhabited in the most inhospitable regions of the heart and mind;

the spirit child within lives.

The spirit is found in all,

the mystery of the subsequent is solved

by planting seeds of the future to procure our longevity.

The tight grasp of child's hands clasped into ours,

while awaiting the tide of change to rise;

wading in shallow waters,

feet become soaked as careful steps made towards the depths of the unknown.

The spirit child,

evokes the innocence and nourishment of love

within our co-existence concerning all matters of the heart.

The living verse spoken into existence and living breath inflating the lungs

while inquisitive nature hunts for answers as hunger propels the need for growth.

Remember the child’s comforting gaze,

transferring the strength and power we were once born with

as life is the adventure of acquired knowledge

and truth is the back-drop of its inspired essence.

August 1, 2008

The Conductor

By Charles Sapp II

The germination of thoughts

spreading like wildflowers across the landscape of hillside ruminations,

musing over blissful clouds and meandering through sunset motifs.

Events of silent moments piqued by the crescendo of nature’s dialogue,

symphonized harmoniously with wing patterns beating against the wind,

as the sound of inspiration culminates and leads into artistic action.

Captivated by the orchestration of life playing live,

a personal concerto,

with the dim light mood and the nocturnal accompaniment

presents an evening of dancing silhouettes beneath the luminous moon

where silver incandescence sparkles like liquid mirages

transforming the landscape to a stage for the stars

Thoughts conceived and given birth to introspection

where life beckons and existence is animated by experience.

The energy seeps through the Earth and enters the body;

as a conductor, the written sermon, a testament of living power

transcendent upon all creatures great and small

living in unison,

beneath the heavens we play our part.