February 29, 2008

Absorption of Human Emotion

I have used this title before in a poem and a song on my album. I consider it a defining attribute and at the same time a hindrance in my everyday life.

My recent posts have been relative with similar experiences and will be found throughout most of my writings. I decided to write this expression especially after talking to someone close to me whom is experiencing a breakthrough from angst.

Life of a sensitive is like a sponge, consuming the energy of whomever in contact with. Information leaks from our eyes, facial expressions, posture, tonal qualities of the voice, or just being. I contributed this sensitivity to my onslaught of depression, especially in this negative world; yet I thrive like a starving plant with just enough water and Sunlight to awaken my desperate need for vibrancy. No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants and other numbing synthetics. It is true, our senses are beyond what we are accustomed to and Love conquers all. I learned to channel that energy into my writings to juxtapose the polarity of life and decide how I will transform or redirect the energy into something truly beneficial for all around me—it is my responsibility.

We devour and react to the invisible forces that affect our chemical makeup; unbeknownst our recollection. What are thoughts without feelings?