February 28, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Time passes unsilenced;
with frames fragmented and jigsawed seamlessly,
while its signature uniquely defining each life as its own identity.
It is an impenetrable force; a juggernaut with no barrier,
limitless and boundless,
accompanied with light,
both are enigmas with holy essence.

Two forms
structuring reality
within depths of dimensionless space,
a myriad of possibilities
factored to our choice;
either watch it or ride it
like the kite to the wind
and the vessel at sea.

It is the derivatives of we,
as we are born from the same source
and our direction is on the same course.

Although time passes unsilenced,
it reverberates as echoes through history
filled with our voices.
Our future has already happened,
we are just waiting;
waiting for the first wave of light to say so,
and déjà vu is just a reflection,
a glimmer of hope,
a glint of truth.

Yet, I’m faster than both Time and Light
when I’m asleep.