March 31, 2008

Distance (From the Source)

By Charles Sapp II

Distance relative to time and experience.
I’ve been distanced from the Source,
accustomed to daylight,
deprived for a year
hoarding the night’s light as a substitution,
providing a newfound recognition and respect for light years.

The distance of familiarity distorts to grim euphoria
and the dislocation of time,
as I jump
through parallel dimensions of time zones
and leap over the international date line to say hello to myself in the future
and live with my twin self’s alter ego
Getting to know thy self could never be so comforting,
yet awkwardly unorthodox
like reverse laws of relativity and broken quantum mechanics
I portal here to there fewer than several guided mission,
to love and experience the truth that manifested itself through the obstacles of transition.

Summon the Sun
to light the night as a beacon that defies possibilities and outcome.
Lend a hand
and plug into the Source, with direct contact
with the forgotten between
distanced memories and recollections.
As all imagery floods the space between now and then,
one must learn to love again, one must obey
the hidden and the unexplained;
as the answers sought
have been close all along.