March 10, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

When Ugly grins
with shifty eyes and gritting teeth;
it’s unbearable to look.

Ugly walks stealthily, camouflaged in shadows
enriched with still pleasure,
like admiring the beauty of old folks love
and children at play;
yet Ugly leaps out
and narrates its involvement
how the old will parish
with disease of forgotten past memories
and how the children will lose their innocence
as the sun sets;
when Ugly and the shadows
plague the night.

Ugly disguised as the voice of truth and reason and
complicated rationalization,
masking its identity
as ego’s self.

Ugly breeds a new dimension of hate and ignorance,
it has lived inside the minds of many
for millennia;
it is the sick curse
that propagates and flourishes the evils of men.

Sly as it slithers,
lurking towards its next victim
excluded from children,
yet it waits till maturity
to infest the feeble minds
genetically dispersed upon
generation to generation;
although Ugly may stare and glare,
but Ugly is in the mind’s eye of the beholder.