May 14, 2008

Clenched Fists

By Charles Sapp II

Balled hand and clenched fist
shot into the air, above head
a representation of pride.
Hope to be touched by an angel,
in desperate need of a transfer of energy or protected power,
while naked on a cliff’s edge – blindfolded.

These clenched fists can crush coal into diamonds
not from fear but with faith;
faith that positive will may pave the path to my righteousness.
Meticulously chosen,
dragging air through the gaps in teeth with concentration.

The wind swirls in a vortex surrounding my body,
from angel wings hovering over me.
A guardian of trust,
a watcher overlooking,
while asking without saying and referencing my devotions.
I answer with a second clenched fist punched through the atmosphere,
and suddenly opening to rain crystalline elements to the Earth
and giving back the riches that have brought me love, peace of mind and happiness;
with hopes to rain infectious joy to those of thirst.

Angelic metamorphosis,
transformation of wrongs
executed to become testaments of weathered flesh,
battered by self humiliation and tiresome guess.

A balled hand and clenched fists are symbols
of holding on to faith, love and all that have been true.
A personal quest from a series of epic prose
and quantified quandaries;
1 love,
1 voice
and 1 verse.