May 23, 2008

Dreams of Reason and Unrest

By Charles Sapp II

He took the shortest path towards an unknown destination,
by cutting corners and making sharp turns,
almost always leading down a one way street to a dead-end.
Carelessly moving fast,
blundering through life’s road signs
and missing its beautiful scenic vistas.
Rushing to meet tomorrow in a panic state of mind;
a soul's unrest, driven by the next dollar made quickly.

Fueled by ego’s fumes;
let down hard with disappointment,
stranded in a lonely man’s world
with foreign faces lending their hearts.
His disbelief without reason,
against the rules that are opposite to his character;
he rejects opportunity and offers to love alone
and cherish earnings made by other’s expense.

Only after falling asleep into dream’s reality,
mirroring cause and effect;
specially formulated as a truth serum.
Harmonious order born from chaos,
where monetary possessions dissipate into the moments
and materialism dematerializes.

The Sky opens its mouth and says nothing.
The Sun turns away without looking.
The Moon phases to new and leaves him alone in the dark
in search for his inner light to guide him to purpose,
reason and the reignite the flame of his potent gift.

The world shall not forget as long as you remember.
The Sky shrinks into itself and turns inside-out
to reveal the dark side of space.
The Moon melts into the Sun
and the Sun becomes the eye of a child
that speaks his consciousness into existence.