May 20, 2008

Elder's Path Through Time's Reflection

By Charles Sapp II

Mountains sculpted and carved by time.
As skin cracks with age and hair loses its color,
eyes become filled with stories,
told without words.

The hands have touched many
and smooth surfaces can no longer be distinguished.
Fragile branches sway to the youthful wind’s play,
revealing time’s passing, briefly;
memories swirl through the mind,
a recollection of childhood innocence
as wonderment fills the air.

Bare feet walk on hot Earth, slowly
like rechargeable batteries soaking leftover solar energy
to a spirit that has walked this path before.
No needs for words, as these lips have spoken enough.

All that needs to be said, can be heard through a smile of content
and basking in the rain of newfound excitement
as bones prove durable and mobility transports the energy
of a lifetime of love, sought for and collected riches.

An elder’s kiss, meaningful
and full with transference of truth, unhindered wisdom of purpose
withstanding the duress of time,
welcoming the progression through time’s reflection.