February 27, 2009

Blog Recess During a Recession

I found myself apologizing for not keeping up with my blog, website and other future endeavors, but lets face the real facts. A brother has been trying to deal with this recession and life takes precedence. However, I managed to still plug away and write and record music during these times. I guess real soul searching tends to emerge.

I could not motivate myself, therefore, I took a 3 month hiatus to look inward. Upon this three month journey, I noticed that most traffic seemed to derive from Entrecard droppers. I began to realize that most of what was written was a waste, if people only visit your blog to drop a card.
This is not what I intended, I did not want be apart of the random generated blogs.

I was lucky to have a nice group of regular visitors that interacted and engaged with my motives, assisted with my book promotion and constructive criticism; I reciprocated the love back. I think that that is what I missed the most.

Superfluous Design

A collection of twisted signals
perpetual idiosyncrasies manifested to a bubble of fervor.

evaporated words lost in vapor
shrouds of ego disintegrate to reemerge victorious upon recognition.
superfluous design, immaculate perfection with hideous beauty.
treasure these fractions of time’s parting.

chronological dreams stringed together,
motion’s picture with no dialogue interfacing interaction.
graffiti on the walls of jealous hearts,
flamboyantly expressing its dramatic love and emotion.

full of sight’s gluttony, prohibited to touch.
to feel the outer boundaries of imagination, its surface becomes malleable
and conforms to interpretation.

this is what you’ve become,
exactly what you’ve always been,
the same way I’ve known you then,
is the same way you are now.