February 27, 2009

Blog Recess During a Recession

I found myself apologizing for not keeping up with my blog, website and other future endeavors, but lets face the real facts. A brother has been trying to deal with this recession and life takes precedence. However, I managed to still plug away and write and record music during these times. I guess real soul searching tends to emerge.

I could not motivate myself, therefore, I took a 3 month hiatus to look inward. Upon this three month journey, I noticed that most traffic seemed to derive from Entrecard droppers. I began to realize that most of what was written was a waste, if people only visit your blog to drop a card.
This is not what I intended, I did not want be apart of the random generated blogs.

I was lucky to have a nice group of regular visitors that interacted and engaged with my motives, assisted with my book promotion and constructive criticism; I reciprocated the love back. I think that that is what I missed the most.