February 20, 2008

Elements - Poem

By Charles Sapp II

The stars have made their mark
as nuclear furnaces
penetrating the depths of the dark.

My skin absorbs the tidal forces of lunar phases
to balance my bearings on Earth.
My eyes gather the filtered photons
scattered through the atmosphere,
so I may better perceive life
and receive the beauty radiating from my soul's love.

I inhale the breath of life
as the wind travels great distances
to transfer its energy and summon the clouds of rain,
where my outstretched hands clinch as fists
to capture the essence of purity;
a symbolic relic of truth—
priceless in a world of deceit.

These elements are the ingredients
which manifest a higher form of self
through rest and reflection;
behold the power of dreams.

Shower me with your wisdom
and enlighten me with opportunity.
Empowered by the merciful energy
born from enigmatic clouds of matter,
then shed some light;
giving a reflective perspective
so it may reveal true brilliance
upon shaded regions of the mind.

Focus your sights on me
and animate my growth through eternity,
write me as poetry
constituted as a noun
and brought to life as by action verbs.
Boil the oceans
to circulate the air
and quench the thirst of parched land;
elementary are these elements
as my life is in your hands.