February 20, 2008

Mathematics (Scientific Dialect) - Poem

My blog is in its infancy and in respect to the few readers and subscribers I do have, I wanted to add some special entries; although they are back to back, I had a long gap over the weekend without activity. So these are posted specifically for you, thank you for subscribing and taking the time to read my posts.

This is an introduction and precursor to a collection that has been in the works for several years, the collection is called 'Depths of the Soul'. Scientific dialect is a sub-section associated with my background and studies in astronomy and astrophysics. The entire series is bringing the human qualities and the properties of nature together under one experience; although it is my belief we all experience it the same, but how we perceive and express it is completely different.

By Charles Sapp II

The variations of variables
and the multiplicative instances
of right versus wrong.
The imperative accounts of lesser love
overwhelmed with unsatisfactory values
are nothing more than denominators
of the apparent whole.

Quantification of gods
summed into a universal equation
balances or equates our existence
to a decimal—or dismal point of despair
or disdained theoretical hypocrisy.
Revolutionary to the binary existence
of souls and their electrical imprint
onto the fabric of time;
reduced to a minimal fraction
compared to the sum of IS.
the quotient of questioning is this:

1 to the power of eternity's quest
and the derivative by some unequal value
is the result and root
of life
mathematically integrated
with integers on an acute scale,
no less than 45 degrees below
the angle of holy obsessions
to figuratively express
what science may calculate
as the rhythm of life.