February 21, 2008

Natural Revolution - Poem

By Charles Sapp II

Hollow trees,
cavities or remnants of Earth's wisdom
grown over the ages.
Nature and its victims
haunt our future, as vengeance.

awaiting baptism in celestial waters
where natal wombs harvest the arid Earth
to replenish
or heal the scars of yesterday's land.

Polar caps melt, oceans rise
along with
warring nations and oil slaves;
is this murder
or is it genocide?

and at the mercy of technology
as digital dependents;
sterility in the face of a viral state of emergency.
Microcosmic phobias
with lethal acronyms;
plagued with parasitic selfishness.
The planet in peril
weeps at night
when the Sun is not laminating her wounds;
with centuries of abuse.
The Earth dare not speak
only the hollow tree
sits silent
retaining the memory
throughout human history.