February 22, 2008

Captured Emotion - Poem

By Charles Sapp II

Then it presents me with an offering,
an offer I cannot refuse.

I begin with scribing my life on dead tree's flesh,
preserving them immortal;
or at least my words anyway.

As my pencil etches itself into the pulpous fibers,
these pages;
this intonates my translation into harmonious music
and brings this silent art form to life.
My hand leaves imprints of heat
as the graphite melts from my left hand;
chasing the future.

I realize the indentation after each line
and crossed out words that follow.
I add emphasis to keywords
which are synonymous to my breathing pattern.

As spirituality awakens;
there is no summit,
I can reach this point again—
as long as I relinquish my inhibitions.

This poem is for you;
the present.

Symbols systematically arranged;
equates to the passion
which words can never surmount to.

This exposure is what is owed to you;
my sacrifice is to human nature,
revealed as the nakedness of thought;
captured in 1 dimension
living emotion.