February 22, 2008

Blogosphere – It Lives

I've been sitting here and contemplating the blogosphere community and noticed how it breathes and lives. It is nice to recognize everyone's muses and deepest emotional settings. I just recently posted a poem called 'Captured Emotion" which I feel is the process that most of us encounter when divulging our inner personal thoughts and feelings—no matter in what form. My account is only in the perspective of a poet. The creation of something that is unique or personal I think is the energy that is driving the blogosphere and making it become a tangible entity and providing a network of beings together by one cause, one root thought and one emotion.

As a writer, in the past I've stashed my journals underneath beds and saved my work on discs that cannot be found, but I have now found my freedom—weblogs…

This newfound outlet has given me the platform to share, become inspired and communicate beyond a dusty book of faded words allowing this introverted art form to have a voice and immortalize its existence.

I thank the comments received as it encourages growth during this learning process and has inspired me to reflect upon my existence on this digital sphere. What I am now with my thoughts I surely will become.