February 25, 2008

Holy Children - Poem

By Charles Sapp II

Isn't it true
we view the world
in the eyes of our mind?

Then we should all be like children.
Children with no recollection of time
besides the orange glow of the setting Sun,
queuing the retreat towards home,
closing the summer session of play
without disobedience of mother's say.

Children with sparkling purity of innocence
seen through the unclouded eyes,
eager to absorb the beauty that crosses their path.
Children without the corruption persuaded by adults,
looming with faults and despair; infectious with ignorance,
uninfluenced by an angry world.

Children unbiased by their genetic makeup
or the composition of the pigment of their skin;
color is just those found in the box of Crayola
8, 16, 32, or 64 shades is all that is needed to color their worlds.

Children meander silently, dormant till maturity,
with sights collected from experience.
Impressionable, with our negligence
we extract their power with selfishness of ego,
and vanity to procreate the closest thing to God
and abandon our responsibilities to secure the future of Man.
We must nurture, further as fathers and mothers
the reflections of ourselves.

The nature of children is holy;
they forgive
they learn
they are truth in its raw form;
they are God's love.