February 25, 2008

What Time is It?

I have been cultivating my ideas and expressions for almost a decade and I am finding that it has never become outdated. The intensity and presentation has been stronger than ever and the release is more mature like fine wine, it must age. My question is this:

What Time is It?

Do you know when it is time to relinquish these thoughts? Especially when time is consistently updating the history; we encounter all of the social, political, and economic events that shape societies existence. We are even more pressed on time when we finally acknowledged the environmentalist cries almost 3 decades ago that global warming is real and we must make a change to our behaviors and greed upon resources. Are we too late?

When I first began writing I found an urgency to expel my information to the public, with fears that it will be too late and my message would be redundant; I sat and pondered my "unactivist" approach and lost most hope and became more disgruntled as I watch the substitution of intellectualism for pop-culturalism.

Since living abroad in China, I have recharged my batteries as a writer. I am able to see things from a different angle or perspective—everything is up close.

Recent studies report that China uses 3 billion plastic bags a day, beginning in June they are prohibiting the use of plastic bags. The 2008 Beijing Olympics is a platform to show the world their strides on environmental issues. They are planning to remove 1.5 million vehicles off the road during the Olympics to reduce traffic and pollution. These are proactive solutions for dealing with waste and pollution, especially in a city that is by far the most concentrated place on Earth. As an American I've noticed public announcements to become more "Green Conscious"; is it enough?

When is it time as a collective, do we attempt to become active in our world? Rather we destroy ourselves; the Earth will flourish; however, at the rate we are going as parasitic beings, we may not be able to repair our damages. Hopefully we all remember that no matter what NASA or any space agency is attempting, we only have 1 Earth. So, what time do you have?