February 14, 2008

Expression of Love - Poem

What would Valentine’s Day be without a poem made from the expression of love?

The expression of my love for you
cannot be annotated
by an ode or epic
written or sung.
It stems from the core of my soul.

You are my soul’s love.
Deep seeded passion
is the abbreviated form of its expression.

Your exquisite nature
embodies superlative qualities
deserving to be adorned with stars.
I may not begin to illustrate
or captivate your true essence with mere words.

I would dive the oceanic depths,
soar the clouded skies,
tread on burning sands at midday
and climb the canopies of every true
in pursuit of your happiness.

I found that happiness.
I solidified it as a testament
and asked you
to bear my testament upon your left hand.