February 14, 2008

Setting This Blog into Existence

Being that this is my first post, I am glad to have it be on the 14th of February; reason is because I am about to share my love and passion with the world.

Interesting enough I've been around the net for many years and read very little blogs. I asked myself what is a blog or what I like to call a bloc; meaning Beings Looking for Outside Connections. The web is nothing more than connecting strands of information and since us beings are usually isolated with our experiences, sometimes we need an outlet or inlet into other's experiences and perspectives to validate what is true and real for ourselves. This is my attempt to express what I've kept to myself for quite some time. Throughout these sessions will be layers of self extractions to add skin to this technology.

What is 1verse? One verse is a moniker that I have been using for quite a while, I figured it fit because a poet writes verses and with my astronomy background uni = 1, and all we know as of yet, there is only 1 universe.

I've always had a deep passion for the movement towards heightened spiritual awareness. I hope that throughout these sessions it stirs an embodiment, as all of us are connected rather via a blog or plainly through existence. We bumble through life in search for something more yet we miss with the avoidance of each other's presence and find ourselves in solitude, wishing and wanting human emotion to persuade our future endeavors.