March 14, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

is nothing more
than stealth transformations---


out of mind,
out of body
experiences treading the deep waters,
the deep end of questions; leads me to ask:
Am I full of myself or just a fool to everyone else?

Attempting to grasp truth,
but truth is evasive and adds a stratum of questions
when close to discovery.
I’ve written and lied
aiding and abetting truth’s voice,

ashamed of illness.

On the other side,
like megalomaniacs having temper tantrums,
punching holes into the atmosphere,
pissing into the ocean while wading in the Pacific
and spitting on the Sun—
are the parasitic beings
that inhabits the only viable host for life.
we are not ready yet
and I should not be here.

The year was 1977,
my soul was sentenced to life,

an earthbound prisoner—