March 17, 2008

Soul Walking

By Charles Sapp II

Awakened by the ring of silence,
opened eyes
focusing on distorted shapes;
flickering images between dreams and reality.

Pictures in frames
aging to the future,
yet mirrors reflect the youth of the past.

Screaming hello
echoes back goodbye.

Caught between opposite’s attraction,
dancing to the Sun and Moon’s music;
shadows in rotation
producing tones of color
changing within light’s radiance.

The garden of truth
harvests copious amounts of answers;
budding new questions,
feeding the thirst of knowledge.
The energy is ever present—

This energy fueling our animation,
dating back to the first light spoken into existence;
dizzying rotation of galaxies, stars and Earth;
glued by gravity.

Yellow and blue spheres surround me,
oscillating to the same frequency of biorhythms.
Patterns emerge,
translating messages from past interactions of love,
no longer with us,
we have the ability to rewind history through memory.

The diary of a soul wandering outside while asleep.