March 18, 2008

Birthday Retrospective

This was actually written on my birth date Feb. 7th 2008. I was feeling good about the direction my life has taken. I feel like I have complete control as the driver rather than a passenger blindfolded.

Fireworks illuminate the night sky; the echoes reverberate off the buildings welcoming my birthday and the Chinese New Year. Thirty one years and the best are yet to come. Three years ago I almost let go, I lost myself at the mercy of abysmal defeat and was at the point of no return, although I gained more from the perseverance, will, and determination. Realizing that life’s greatest lessons are testaments derived from points, trials and misguided paths.

The beauty is that at thirty one, I realized that the best things in life are the ones worth the wait. Dreams are real, especially when remembered and dreamt often, self reminders become evident; what you lack, life replenishes only upon your own will.
The science of the matter is that, I’ve gotten older, my eye sight has worsened, but I have not given up my focus towards the future, allowing me to regain youth through discovery and nourishment of health by the nectar of love.

The Sun has blessed my existence and has illuminated my path by the grace of Goodness...