March 20, 2008

Blissful Wish

Image Courtesy of Thane Gorek at

With the constant need to change how I am living or how I perceive life; am I or will I always be in the pursuit of happiness, sometimes my fears get the best of me.

I’ve grown used to being tough, impenetrable, or impervious to feelings like most men—it’s a front. I wind up my sleeves as I go to work; mentally mind fucking my every mood with balancing rituals of right and wrong and replacing insensitive remarks with consoling potions and lotions rubbed on the shoulders that weigh heavy burdens.

The tug of war with Good versus Evil leaves blistered burns of callous palms along with a tired mind. I try to supplement what my life is deficient in, in hopes to achieve a healthy relationship with comfort in my own skin. I want to be guilt free and love thy neighbor, even with all of the suspicion and motives. I fear being the fool who dances his way off cliffs, yet I long for his ignorance leading his life as bliss.