March 21, 2008

Defenseless from Destiny

By Charles Sapp II

Destiny on a collision course with fate, cancelling one another out, leaving a gaping void in the ether of thought and contemplation; fizzing remnants of action’s ghost settling with what may have been. Moving on to the next, witnessing time’s vengeful acts of misfortune executed simply with malice in mind, faces melt to a questionable memory—till forgotten.

Face rests in hands with overwhelming worry, the sounds of the clock amplified, broadcasting the duration of energy at its latency. Love is motivation to the heart and soul invading all stillness allowing expansion and the capacity of understanding. Standing free of burden and guilt, since freedom of will is by choice. Laughing is the cure of self torment which laughs back in ridicule and poses no more threat to the mobility of consciousness. The visible light unfolds and reveals the imperfections as shame overrides the cascading flush of embarrassment of understanding our flaws that are exposed like fresh wounds awaiting infection by all who may notice.