March 24, 2008

Untranslated Language

By Charles Sapp II

A soul kiss;
the soft brush of flesh upon moistened lips
pressed firmly on chest.

She awarded me with a silver heart so our love will never tarnish,
enclosed in a steel cage impervious to rust,
fortified, built to last, secure that love will never escape
but only she holds the key.

The key to passageways
forbidden, summoned
with encrypted words, keywords to intimate worlds,
portals of trust—
fail proof for self destruction; a cataclysmic end
from something beautiful, sacred and untimely.
These are the whispers that linger as a cold chill
of foreshadowed dreams and diaries
that read the same with different text;
all I know is that I will hold it forever.

I want to remember my dreams,
elaborate details with remarkable accounts of fantasy fulfillment.
The clear waters on clear summer days
dramatically become overcast
and my nightmares become evident and plague my sleep
like the invasion of rogue waves at sea, or the draft wind
ghostly seeping through cracks and sills of tightly sealed windows and doors,
only to be found and entered during vulnerability
when the subconscious least expects it;
fueling or fooling my heart to beat beyond my control.

My dual respect for experience cannot help to love and hate your appearance.
How should I feel?
Should I embrace the guilt, or question the pain
as my life is independent and no longer adheres to the madness.
I say goodbye and farewell
simply by waking.

With a breath of extinguished fire,
words burn from smoke signals— spoken.
The signals undulate with the power of suggestion,
and I obeyed, even while they chastised my soul
to separate from spirit and relish in the beauty of composed lyrics,
enticing my movement upon command.

This soul is not for sale, it is a mere slave to sacrificial laws;
poetically combined to exemplify the mastery of craft,
dedicated to its passion.
The strength lies here,
between the message and the meaning;
from the unheard, unseen, and unspoken.
An untranslated language;
obeyed internally as it replicates
the encompassing sound of entirety
only found within silence.