March 24, 2008

Tools of Obsession

I have to say I am old-school with my writing approach, at least by preference; I prefer the touch of paper and the ink saturating the surface opposed to digital keystrokes. I feel more connected to my writing with primitive instruments. The computer approach is too sterile. I must touch what I write, it brings more feeling to the message.

Almost sensual and erotic, I love the smell of my leather journal and the coarseness of the handmade paper; as I turn each blank page, the future words illuminate and fade to their whisper. My journal calls me if I am away too long, as it also knows that I begin to miss and long to reunite with it. I open it slowly and savor the action of releasing my emotion into the keepsake of earthly testimonies. I’ve been withdrawn and away from this feeling for quite some time, I feel connected to everything organic and full of life. The more I write in it, the easier it is for creativity to leak from my pen to paper.

It is an exhilarating experience for any writer and the connection we have to our tools. Sometimes I love to peruse other instruments of writing and journals for future scribing, for the pure pleasure of documentation.