March 25, 2008


There is a time when you sit back and laugh at the time wasted on trivial matters that don’t even involve your own life, taking another person’s personal life personally. We all do it.

Control I must have it, I’m addicted to the power. Deep down we try to lasso life, even though it is beyond our hold. We persecute the figure in the mirror and worship the image seen in other’s eyes. Control is silencing the mind with blue orbs of liquid light, enveloping the oceans of ideas, wavering endless possibilities with sound judgment; these orbs represent guidance.

I have plenty, intended to evenly distribute to the youth who want to control their own will upon the world and shape their future. I sometimes fear to plant my seed in a world of weeds, eager to strangle the nutrients I feed as their conscious decisions are controlled by becoming too weak to think for themselves and deficient usually stemmed from the home front; the foundation of principles are unstable as we leave most children behind. I selfishly want to control my unborn future’s destiny as a result.

Asking for help, I summon the power of liquid Sun truth, to give strength because tomorrow is rich with promises. Heavy headed with solid thoughts that give way to dreams afloat, I breathe deeply, following the flow of love and relinquishing my grip of control on a unpredictable world. Rethinking—how special the world could be if we just learned to let go.