March 4, 2008

Health Priorities

I sit here completely blank sometimes and quite hesitant whether to journal my day’s events. I often consider how others will perceive my life and say wow how exciting or blah how droll. All in all I plunge myself into the madness and immerse myself with the thoughts and feelings that represent me today and adding a human element to this blog.

Anxiously I wait to go to the gym and release my frustrations on a pile of weights, not before I tire myself with cardio, which then limits my strength left for the weights. I must put my priorities first; either I lift weights to become solid or cardio to melt the fat. Damn, life can be so hard when it comes to decisions. I say cardio every day but weights it is.

All of this began by a few events one of the most recent was when my fiancée and I wanted to go to a Brazilian buffet and took a taxi, it turns out that it was the only restaurant in Beijing that was undergoing construction; we turned around and headed to the opposite direction to yet another Brazilian buffet restaurant which was embedded 2 miles in a huge park. We arrive and they stopped serving 10 minutes before we arrived, so the mysterious nature of the Higher Source made us exercise while in pursuit of food—how pitiful. I was absolutely distraught that I would go these lengths for food and not put near the effort to procure my health—lessoned learned!

I’ve recently overcome and now have command over the urges of my addiction of cigarettes. It so happens that I quit in the hardest place in the world to quit—China! Everyone in this country smokes, even the kids. No seriously, you cannot escape it, the taxis, restaurants, all buildings, work, in public, in homes, it doesn’t matter it is everywhere. Now I’m disgusted when I see and smell it; therefore I am disgusted all the time. I fantasize when I will return back to sunny Northern California and breathe the clear air and view the blue skies with very little smog. I recently read that the normal stay for any expat is between 2-3 years based on health, by extending your stay you are basically robbing yourself approximately 2.5 years of your life expectancy. THAT DID IT! I am more focused on health than ever before.