March 5, 2008

Midnight Wanderer

Just like my fellow Society member, Francis of the Midnight Wanderers, I decided to write a poem with honor to be accepted into an elite group of writers. Thanks Francis for the inspiration as your poem is well defined.

By Charles Sapp II

Midnight wandering,
side stepping crooked shadows,
aligning encrypted messages on paper to write.
Summoning the Sun at the feet
and moon overhead,
equidistant from brilliance
at the stroke of genius;
this creeps like a cold chill when the rest sleeps.

Acute senses harmonize in unison
a well oiled machine
mechanically moving
like a manic marionette
astray with no strings attached.
Over active pineal gland
recycling the days thoughts
into a unified masterpiece
articulated with biorhythms,
discoverable only when the night's spell wears off;
visible as the lights rays decipher
the shadows coded language;
behold the fervent modes
of a midnight wanderer.