April 4, 2008

A Blogger's Paramount Reflection

Living life and taking each day as an opportunity for growth,
I encounter many obstacles and challenges each day that keeps me tested. Will I fold under life’s pressure? Will I have gratitude for the achievements I’ve attained? Will I stay motivated?

I return to the source and am astounded by thought and reaction. How well connected we are to our environment and the gravity we hold with our presence of being. The days I feel defeated are when my mind gets the best out of me, but as soon as I reverse the train of thought to evoke power and strength in all that I pursue. Transformation begins with clarity; perspective is paramount and focus is evident.

Writing has come of ease during the last month, better than most during the last year. I guess it took some time to absorb experiences and insights while living abroad. Also, having the responsibility to maintain a blog has encouraged the release as well. After 2 months of blogging I have to say that I’ve encountered and met many interesting people and have been able to share their perspectives.

The world smiles back in return when we walk and interact conscientiously. We are all products of the same material and what we become we give back to the Earth, our time here is atmospheric and may we touch each life, as if it were the hand of God; or at least what it represents rather you are a believer or not. I believe we all seek the good in life and this post is a reflection from the beginning to the present of my personal progress.