April 4, 2008

Eternal Struggle

By Charles Sapp II

Wrapped in time's coil,
seeking secret soft spots to slip stealthily.
Artistry as escapism,
elusive like the wind blowing east.

Clouds part from morning Sun,
transitioning from turquoise to pure light
raining divine on the day and
staining the sky blood red at day’s rest.

During the night of disorienting blackness,
time sleeps as light is lost;
holding a pocket full of light saved throughout the day.
Tomorrow outshines the present;
standing in water, reflecting the first sight of light
as blessings of purification
seeps at the feet
igniting the spirit;
atonement of yesterday,
a revision
molting self as a new version
visualizing the transforming essence of natural elements.

A phenomenon
of esoteric evolution
adhering to an eternal struggle
battling with time
during the face of light and darkness.