April 2, 2008

Leap of Faith

By Charles Sapp II

I said I would leap
8,000 miles in faith,
towards our future.
She said she would leap with me,
solidifying harmonious order
syncronized with clasped hands,
head first.

Welcoming the unknown in a single bound,
Love grips all fear
and alchemizes it into strength,
fortifying it to preserve the precious moments
that balance positivity as a weapon of virtue.

The Sun blotted by the moon
eclipsed as comets drift
escalating towards the return
marked as the beginning of beautiful things awaiting to come.

Pride emanates as glowing matter
dripping as each step is made facing due west.
using time to travel;
the method of journey via imagination,
thoughts run rampant,
leading towards final destination.

Landing on confidence and determination
as planted feet
rooted for stability
conquering the unknown
with a potent extract of Love by one's side.