April 15, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Rapid breathing,
pulse racing
heart pounding complicated rhythms
and blood streaming at the speed of light.

Eye fluttering REM,
adrenaline overdose
verbal murmurs in native tongues
of an ancient language.

Possessions of ancestors
inhabited body
escaping mortal rest from invigorated souls.
Dreams of the days
when the Earth’s heartbeat was strong and mature
and man had a conscience and embraced nature.

Solar eclipses foretelling the future
and fire was the spirit of ghosts
with fiery passion,
spreading their knowledge of light in the dark.
God spoke freely and often to those that obeyed.

Restlessness invades sleep
as centuries of the past overloads the brain
and bones become brittle to the countless walking of landscapes
without borders and limitations.

All this at the age of 9
as the cyclic cycle of moon phases
return once more and the seasons prevail
shortened and lengthened by the elliptical nature of orbit
One will awaken with history
and that of another’s voice.