April 24, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

from invisible vines
that dig into the skin
anchoring its venomous roots to invade the psyche,
behold the constriction of progressive thought.

You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to,
heard as a household mantra.
Stroked and reassured early to accept gifts and talents bestowed upon,
second to no one, dreams are in grasp’s reach.

An ill child,
susceptible to all foreign bodies,
sheltered from the worlds germs;
including those of evil and persuasions that creep subconsciously from those infected.

Anthropology was the first lesson.
beginning with observation,
eyes bright,
wide and full of inspection,
watching the grim faces of those enslaved
without the benefits of nourishment,
overwhelmed with the burdens that life presents.

a sterile environment
cold monochrome hue of boredom
settles slowly without recognition.
A drone to emotion as sounds of joy dull,
yet it only takes one to revive the life of color to the people
offering hope and installing virtue to the seeds of the future.