April 25, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

letting go of expectations,
relinquishing wrongs and errs;
the repeat of self trust without justice.

Broken flesh from compounded force,
repaired invisible wounds,
timeless tears drench cotton fibers
and leaving saline trails down face.

Kneeled prayers,
rocking like pendulums of faith,
crushed and bruised trust shattered,
reflected then inflicted inwards.
Guilt burns,
pride deflated
and human endurance tested.

Shapeless entities
reduced by ridicule
by haunting apparitions of the mind.
Balance shaky,
unsteady without bearings,
until the light reignites,
buried deep.

Seeking the surface,
standing tall,
proceeding with simple actions,
with a degree of difficulty.
Affirmation of events beyond control,
deceit retreats and evaporates
along with all developed stigmas.

Anxious as anxiety drifts to sleep,
voices settle and hand regains sensitivity;
the breath clears the mind
and focus becomes sharp with detail.

I forgive you,
and myself
for all the torment I’ve injected.
The water calms to stillness smooth as glass.

Only now may I see my own reflection.