April 28, 2008

Symbiotic Release

By Charles Sapp II

The elasticity of time
and the skin of space
peeled back; exposed naked.

Teeth grinding with crushing jaws
retaining rage,
inverted sadness.
Modeling postures
tensely symbolic;
radio reactive, hardened rock.

Steady hand
placed on face,
surveyor of deep impressions,
motherly love,
echoed sigh of relief.

Exasperation of southern Sun
crowned highness,
heir to midnight throne.
A lunar guest
with goodbye kiss.
Tantalizing touched senseless,
the garden bears fruit,
shadow beneath feet
with gargled words
soothing sore throat
and unclogging air passageways,
breathe freely.

A distinct voice,
a distant relative;
pupils and iris to knowledge
as the Sun bursts into flames.
Earthly cadence
to a symbiotic release.