April 29, 2008

Truth Cries Out Loud

By Charles Sapp II

Truth cries out
behind the opaque cloud of emotions.

She sings beautiful lyrics to my heart,
for nothing in return, except my acceptance.

Vulnerability exists in open spaces,
vast expansive roads—

I can hear her calling for attention,
in pursuance to console
and bathe in Truth’s tears purifying righteousness
and validating cosmic commons;
the juxtaposition of human violation.

The path before me is the desire,
the quest led by whispers
from children of the future;
aided travels with audible guides.
Holding mystique shadow’s hand to the unknown abyss
where pure light illuminates corners of inhabited doubt,
transformed to trust.

The voice of a thousand mothers,
cognitive synergy
with millions of familiar eyes
piercing walls constructed by insecurity.
The eyes are of those collective,
ever seen in a lifetime,
unified as a single entity.

Truth and her cries
echo from the core of spirit;
nearing the frequency becomes unheard,
soundless as vibrant waves amplify
and ring outwards silently like ascending stars
after relinquishing the essentials of life,
a fiery cataclysm
mute from a great distance.

Reason becomes clear,
question answered
and simplicity in itself coils inward
from the percussive personification
emerging from the depths of entirety.

This is where it may be found,
the epicenter,
the beacon of Truth’s cry
the song sung to my heart.