May 2, 2008

Cosmic Soup

By Charles Sapp II

A collection of cells,
suspended matter
molded by creation.

Emergent immigrant from water,
the son of Sun,
mothered by the Moon,
siblings as planets;
loved by the Earth,
Universe is home.

Chemistry lives
and blood is symbolic to life,
knowledge is experience
and poetry is the language.

Passion burns with intensity from the heart.
Sight is found while dreaming.
A climber of trees
touching the clouds
to taste the ripe rain.
With toes rooted and anchored to the ground,
facing the wind with mouth wide
inhaling its strength,
as the winds are the deliverer and carrier of voice.

At play,
stories are told by decorating the night sky
and rearranging the stars.
Grabbing comets by the tail
and throwing towards the Sun;
a celestial form of playing catch.
Passing time by twirling galaxies with fingers
in the cosmic soup of existence.