May 5, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Hands clasped in praise;
the day’s wealth and richness,
aromatic scent worth salivating.

Evening luminescence lingers
and remains glorious
as the golden pathway over the ocean stillness
leads to the Sun’s open mouth;
lured by the opulence of a sparkling tongue.

Clouds blotted over early morning skies
and a late noon,
where spring dew melts
as the first weak rays reflect the day’s color.
Transparent and mysterious
the chill is unthawed, activity becomes animate
and life becomes mobile without fear,
under the guidance of light.

Sign language of cryptic verse,
as poetry to the deaf sounds of nature.
Children sing to the wise,
with matured innocence
and the wise feed on the potent extract of youth’s jubilee.

A cyclic responsibility,
words unspoken,
action overflows and spills,
creating a crescendo;
rippling through hungry generations
aspiring to be fed by the future.