May 6, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Passageways to dimensions without doors,
wide open,
1st person angle view,
a tesseract with no traces.
Smeared lines in gray,
shades of possibilities;
the extraordinary;
the supernatural.

Woven fabrics of time
braided history, now, and the future.
Paths treaded softly,
frontiers await discovery, behind self.
Treasure of answers anticipated,
with inward motives reflecting outward
and kinetic recall,
pulverizes notions beyond belief and comprehension.

Only desires
dry and empty
with barren oasis’
mirages of supple wells
hydrating ambition.

Wishes are the commands sprouted into existence
with a bit of concentration and a pinch of diligence.
Heroes and heroines have been born of less,
summoned by the masses;
emerged from the tumultuous seas of despair.

Portals gaping with invitation,
entering eras with hope;
broken glass of limitations
and metaphors of fragile skulls and bones,
serving truth,
scribed on living tree’s flesh.

They poured their hearts out in black ink,
serendipity speaks with perched lips kissing
the minds of the future with baptized words,
scorching those that never heard the sound of love.

Erupting from dimensions unbeknownst,
far yet near,
stars shed their light in a stellar molt;
renewal to eternal sight,
entrance to vision unobscured.
A keyless realm
with open doors,
from an insecure world.