May 9, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

A man is a man
with a full spectrum of emotions,
equalized and balanced.
Emotions are the ingredients that make us human;
showcased, worn as a badge of honor,
proud to express his feelings
as a lesson to his son.
Fear is for survival and tears are for release,
strengthening the spirit by exposure.

A man is a man
when he takes ownership and responsibility
to all that equates to his life,
a protector
of the precious, helpless and the fragility of nature.

A man is a man
when ego is banished from the confines of the mind
and justice is found at the mercy of his actions.
A man that is versatile with his touch,
a creator of love and the nurturer of passion.

A man is a man
when he is a father to all who seek his inner truth
and his seeds flourish into living testaments
of his power and will
and propagate as potent masterpieces of his labor and creativity
as gifts to the world.

A man is a man
who lives shamelessly
and not easily swayed by the shifting of the winds;
grounded and deep rooted like the Sequoias—
equally respected.
A man that bleeds with dignity,
knelt on both knees
and kisses the Earth
that women walk, where children dance
and brothers bled.
A man is simple
and humble
with complex emotions.