May 12, 2008

The Wait

By Charles Sapp II

Waiting anxiously,
body immobilized,
frozen in still liquid;
while the mind runs rampant
through fields of desire and passion;
forever calculating results of the future.

Waiting, impatiently as time progresses without permission.
The trees represent generations,
overseer of our life force seething through our veins.
Forever timeless and immortal;
the quest to become moved
adequately renders the heart and soul to receptive conduits
of awareness and tranquil bodies to a sum of equal parts.

Waiting to reunite with love,
drifted to the speed of the wind, to return and settle
like the weathered leaf a float in time’s current;
thought to be forgotten,
but remembered
as certain characteristics never fade,
like the liquid light shadow
towards the end of the day, or the light that shines bright,
captive and shared as a gift to the world,
but to miserly to share its power and virtuosity.

Waiting to become stimulated,
with proof of eternal happiness
as soothsayers spoke of tales
all that’s good in life are worth the wait.

I’ve waited several lifetimes and season’s rebirth
and you became the azimuth to my horizon
and shinned new light and hope to my destiny.
From what I know now,
I’d wait another millennia for your return.