April 10, 2008

The Longing of Me

By Charles Sapp II

Subtle yet soft comforting warmth of your presence
addicted to the sublime roots of your heritage,
that is missing from mine.
I look into the mirror it is a mystery
my face is blank and invisible with centuries of ancestral blood
flowing through my body.

My soul has amnesia
culture shocked from kidnapped ancestors,
I cannot see them but I hear them.

When I look at you,
I get glimpses of my history
and it is beautiful.
Beautiful like children receiving answers to their questions of life,
and spins a new set of questions fueled by inquisition.

The longing of me
has brought you me
to understand the depths of love
acquired through the synchronized breathing
as two souls sharing their past
and conceiving a future for generations;
by mapping our love’s time line.

Again, I look into the mirror
and my eyes are slowly materializing,
so I gaze closer and deeper
till I find my mother, leading me to the genes that make up me.

They consist of the compassion and sensitivity
to mankind and all Earthly inhabitants, the artistry that pours
like swollen clouds over deserts, the passion for love, and thirst for knowledge.
The feelings are reflections of my history and are carried like seeds in a wind storm,
and it is you who has been sent to me;
as the rediscovery of self unfolds.
I am blessed
and I am at one.