April 11, 2008

The Harvest

By Charles Sapp II

Creativity is harvested from the fiber of dead trees
wrapped in dried animal flesh.
Thunderous thoughts rain words on pages
and concepts are pulled out of the air,
only those of select choice.

The melodic structure soothes the beast within,
harmonious order from chaos brings peace.
Colors meld to vivid gradients
and light displays the spectrum roles we play in life.

Life is a dream
we cognitively construct our influences
that becomes our character.
Hands cusped for receiving,
giving self to the source—receptive

Positive nature presents itself
as offerings of love pour into outstretched palms.
Eyes closed, open to dreams
envisioned as power streams through the limbs
like solar light to trees, igniting life to fruition.
This process,
divine and evident is the cure to all man-made illnesses.