April 7, 2008

Strands of Life

By Charles Sapp II

Twined strands,
intricate constructions
of braided hair draped over the shoulders
down the dip of her back.
The loose ends tickle the flesh,
until it becomes an agitated itch.

The smell of a fresh oiled scalp
when embraced with a deep hug,
admiration of a goddess’ mane;
wearing the rhizoid crown adorned by the Sun,
made of distinction;
the princess is queen,
mother of love.

The coarseness of hair
is the interlaced woven nature of mankind, time and existence;
grown as chaos and shed in order.
Healthy growth strengthens my bond,
illustrious sheen like photon beams
penetrating the depths and darkness of heaven
in search of you, seeking eternal blessings
as Creation lives through you.
Our people and existence is represented by the
interwoven interactions,
manifested by your hair.