April 8, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Your spirit has been captured
and held captive by my eyes,
sentenced to life as a memory.
The witnessing of an angel,
unforgotten without sin.

Cherished moments
exceed time’s passing,
as retreating clouds disintegrate
with the penetrating solar rays
in hope to glimpse today’s blessing.

My love grows
expelling my findings as unique,
as the inspiration that flows
through the veins of human vessels
of cultivated feelings,
capsulated in the mold of flesh.

Spring blooms regrowth
as life compounds regeneration
and carbon copies of human interactions;
a stimulus of accumulated senses.
Love is like star clusters, collectively sharing their brilliance,
cooperatively transmitting radiance;
nonobstructive impedance through distance and time,
casting ripples and waves
under currents of deep emotion
moving towards the depths of abysmal cosmic waters.