April 8, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Uncoordinated patterns of footsteps
gradually increasing;
Doppler shifts gaining ground with repetitious movement.
The human sound is unequalled to any beast.
The murmuring drone of vocal chords
in crowded centers,
changing pitch with the escalation of exuberance.

All of this beginning from a primary objective
with one thing in common;
we were all brought to this exact point in time and space,
for a brief momentary interaction, whether consciously aware or not,
therefore, ever changing our course of action
no matter how slight.
This deserves attention as our encounters are fragile to the touch.

As hot and humid days moisten fingertips,
rubbing off ink from the water bottle label
transferring infrared fingerprints of red,
latent signature of me, marking my presence
as we exchange currency and courtesy with a smile.
Exiting without looking back,
never to know your name
nor your life story;our lives grazed unharmed.