April 9, 2008

Testament of the Ages

By Charles Sapp II

Youth in a glass
with an effervescent future
fizzing with dreams.
Young hearts beat hard and fast,
pounding chests of inquisitive spirits,
seeking worldly stimulation.

The world in revolution moves by this energy

The old and wise keeps it on path,
yet tired eyes watch the leaves leave the trees
beneath the currents of the wind.
The blistered feet absorbs the water from torrential rains
the same way arid land does,
quenching the parched, cracked and pervaded Earth.

Children witnessing men cry
as egos become bruised
and knowledge is outsourced by foreign thoughts and principles.
Women sacrifice
yet are comforted silently through their baby’s eyes,
as they see their future; bright as the reflected Sun on alloy surfaces and still waters at noon.