April 21, 2008

Why I Write

Writing is a matter of perspective and inspiration is perpetual from awareness. As a man looking back from his childhood I’ve seen the conundrum of life and the malnutrition of human interpretation, this fueled inquisition and the seeking of truth, answers, and solace in nature’s disparity.

Only upon reflecting our involvement, the pain and suffering outweighed our triumphs and only then I understood mankind’s disposition. I wanted to change and disassociate myself from common belief, as an inhabitant of a world that is blind to the essentials, I began to write in nature’s voice; the desire to be heard, loud and clear.

The universe is a collection of all matter, rather intangible, ethereal or solid; however all may be in the form of thought which transgresses into realms of philosophy as a derivative of environment. I am ok with this as a treatment that exudes all restraints that counteract character exploitation and social ignorance. My objective is to capture the deafening cry of the world and our modern copacetic delusions and combine the two as a conscious and conscientious approach to deliver sanity through chaos while animating the inanimate. The ingredients are thought, love, dreams, reality, and a touch of imagination; imagine a world that talks back and responds to your every inquiry with knowledge and wisdom. The outcome is magic through awareness and that is what I plan to serve through my writing, a cerebral cocktail; from one mind to yours.

The human emotion is extracted from potent forms of engagement and through interaction this is where I find the beauty of human spirit and the determination of souls that continue giving, even when there seems to be nothing left. I recognize the innocence, wit, charm and engage in laughter when discovering the light of situations in times of darkness. I write to exemplify this experience as one of your own as we are connected and share the same air that purifies our existence and stimulates the courage to continue. I write poems of love to extinguish the hate that burdens our hearts as pain has been inflicted on the innocent that braved the exposure of their souls. I write to understand life, you and myself. Writing is a fragment of me given in entirety.