April 17, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Unity bears the symbiotic love
shared blood, ruminations of brotherhood;
the fight, the struggle
as survivors of gene replication.

Separated at birth,
eternal parents,
born from two Suns
brooded to take flight
a creature of habit,
pretentious anti bodies
as dual pairs.

Strength in adjoining polarities
equation of one, factors of two
distinguished by character and amiable disposition.
Resemblance transparent with cause and effect,
truth and beauty heavily guarded
in steel rib cages.

Reflection off the surface of imagination,
conformed by dark matters
yet enveloped by light situations.
Similarities conflict as opposing forces
sermons drawn from old and new testaments,
doctrines that prescribe evolution;
abominations of the Source
as delusions of grandeur, disconnection from reality,
reality is a collection of absurdities
confronted on small scales
seeing one’s self
in the eyes of their child.